Intel's big data applications subversion NBA experience

11/23/2013 18:25

NBA implemented a revolutionary, unprecedented sports technology upgrades. The NBA teams in 30 sports venues tracking system installed. This project involves the league for the team after a licensing system installed that proprietary SportVU ICE team analysis and tracking system, which is installed into the stadium, the players each channel.

This unprecedented fusion of sports and technology will allow each NBA team in the 2013 season, standing fairer competition field. Data provided by the new technology will appear in, NBATV and NBA Game Time application, along with the new technology will debut in the new season opener.

Coaches can use the data to improve the players' training, highlighting the physical characteristics of the players, to determine the scope of competition for rebounds, also shows the distance from the nearest defender basketball. In order to know the shooting guard looking to break through the defense and shot distance running team can bring advantages.

The team can use the data layout perfect player tactics and team mode, for optimal efficiency in the attack, and we understand why the players in the face and one defensive zone defense will make a specific reaction.

At the beginning of the game to know the players without the ball and the ball's speed, and half of the fourth quarter, to know when the team will run out of energy region, these data allow NBA teams really benefit. These data can help small-market teams to compete with the big cities more equitable team

Brian said: "With ICE, you can analyze in detail the characteristics of the players and the technical capabilities through an unprecedented way."

STATS customers include 85 sports competitions Union and more than 55,000 races, NBA can be assured. ICE platform is designed to enhance the performance of the team, the fans improve the viewing experience. Each NBA team provides unprecedented capabilities, so that they can match based on real-time data to adjust the game plan to improve the performance of the players. Fans can take advantage of, NBATV and NBA Game Time application to enjoy the fun of ICE brings big data to understand whether the Heat can get three in a row, data from the statistical point of view because this possibility is very great.

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